Best cyber girl in your Discord.

Ene is a multi-purpose Red-based bot with some features that can be useful.
Including: administration, moderation, music, levels and much more!

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Features of Ene
This is brief listing of Ene's features:

Try to increase an activity of your server with levels.
Everybody loves tops, yes?

Games data

Get data about some games. In example:

  • Minecraft
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  • Godville (both global and russian)
  • Steam status, players profiles and servers

And ton of other fun or not things

Anime pics, anime meters, anime converters, non-anime converters, non-anime pics and much more. 100 modules and this is not the end.







Ready to get annoyed by cheeky cyber girl?
Invite Ene and start figuring out how to use it!
You can view all of the commands on Dashboard.

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